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Commercial Cleaning

Rilee Cleaning Services makes sure the appearance of your company reflects business.

Cleaning is customized based on your property's needs


  • Straighten out and tidy welcome mat or decor. Dust, sweep, or mop as required.

  • Clean the front doors on both sides, especially if they are glass.

  • Empty trash receptacles, wipe them down, and replace liners.

  • Using disinfectant, wipe down the reception counter, desk, or similar furniture, telephone, glass surfaces and make the coffee table look presentable.

  • Dust tables, chairs, lamps, window shades, vents, and other surfaces.

  • Sweep, vacuum, and/or mop the floors.

Kitchen/Break area

  • Wipe down refrigerator shelves with disinfectant

  • Wash counters with disinfectant.

  • Straighten items on the countertop and make the area look presentable.

  • Empty and clean coffee maker.

  • Empty trash and recycling receptacles, disinfect receptacles, and replace liners.

  • Wash dirty dishes left in the sink.

  • Clean sink and faucet with disinfectant.

  • Vacuum or sweep and mop floors.


  • Empty and disinfect trash receptacles and sanitary napkin dispensers (if applicable).

  • Disinfect sinks, paper towel dispensers, and/or hand-dryers.

  • Disinfect toilet seats and toilet paper dispensers.

  • Use toilet bowl cleaner and brush to clean the toilet bowl.

  • Use glass cleaner to wipe down mirror over the sink.

  • Refill toilet paper, paper towel, and soap dispensers.

  • Sweep and mop floors with disinfectant solution.

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